Online Seminar Now Live!

I'm excited that the online seminar is now live! If you already purchased the online seminar, you should have received an email from me with instructions for how to create an account and login to the online material. 

Note that not all the online material will be immediately available. The online material will be released according to the schedule below. If you purchase the online seminar, you'll get all of the printed material shipped to you as soon as you order. 

Online Seminar Digital Material Release Schedule:

  • January 6 - Brosius, Mack (2000), Hürlimann, Clark, Mack (1994), Venter Factors

  • January 20 - Siewert, Sahasrabuddhe, Shapland, Verrall, Meyers

  • February 3 - Marshall, Teng and Perkins, Patrik, Goldfarb

  • February 10 - Brehm

Below is a snapshot at what the online seminar system looks like inside. It's hosted on a great learning management system that's slick and easy to use. I'm really excited about the online seminar and I hope that you are too!