2018 Exam 7 products are now available!

I'm excited to let you know that you can now order Rising Fellow Exam 7 study material for the Spring 2018 sitting!

Exam 7 Supplemental Study Material

The following Rising Fellow study material is available on the Exam 7 Products page:

  • Exam 7 Cookbook - 73 step-by-step recipes for calculation problems
  • Problem Pack - 150 CAS-style practice problems and two practice exams
  • High Level Summaries & Flashcards (digital)

Digital version available: For customers outside the US and Canada a digital version is available where shipping is more challenging. If you're from the US or Canada and you prefer studying with a digital version instead of printed material, just email me after you order and I can give you access to the digital version.

2018 Cookbook & Problem Pack.png
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Casual Fellow/Rising Fellow Joint Online Seminar

If you're looking for a comprehensive study package that includes videos, check out the CF/RF Joint Online Seminar. It includes:

  • CF Study Guide (paper outlines, practice problems and past CAS problems)
  • CF Online Videos (both paper review and problem review videos)
  • RF Cookbook
  • RF Practice Problem Bank
  • RF High-Level Summaries
  • RF Flashcards (new for 2018)
  • CF & RF Practice Exams (2 each, 4 in total)

All the study material in the online seminar is hosted through a great learning management system that's easy to use. Michael McPhail and I are excited to offer the joint online seminar this year and I think it makes for an unsurpassed Exam 7 study package.

Check out a full description, sample videos and a demo version of the online seminar here: www.casualfellow.com/seminar.html

Order the CF/RF Joint Online Seminar on the Casual Fellow website.

Past Customer Info

If you purchased Exam 7 study material last year, please check out the page below for information about updates to the study material:

As always, please just send me an email if you have any questions.