2018 Exam 8 Cookbook Coming Soon

Now that the Fall Exam study season is starting to kick into gear, I want to post an update about the Rising Fellow Supplemental Exam 8 study material.

The CAS just recently posted the 2018 syllabus as well as an updated version of the Fisher paper and excel file. I'm reviewing both of those to see if I need to make any updates for changes.

Beyond that, I am updating a number of the recipes and discussions in the Exam 8 Cookbook as well as updating for the errata. I also plan to have a couple new recipes/problems in the 2018 version.

Exam 8 Cookbook Timeline

[Updated 6/28] I plan to have the updated Cookbook available on the website starting July 9th.

Just a note:
Unlike Exam 7, I won't have a separate problem pack of practice problems and exams.

Updated version for people retaking

If you purchased the Exam 8 Cookbook last year and need to retake the exam, you'll get a free updated version for 2018. There will be information on the Exam 8 page in early July about that.