Exam 7 Cookbook + Problem Pack (2019)

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Exam 7 Cookbook + Problem Pack (2019)

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This is a great complement to the syllabus and other Exam 7 study material you may be using.

Save $97 by purchasing the Exam 7 Cookbook and Problem Pack together.


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By far, this is the most popular Exam 7 offering and is a great supplement to another study manual or online seminar. Save $97 by purchasing the Exam 7 Cookbook and Problem Pack together.

Exam 7 Cookbook

On the exam you'll see a mix of calculation and essay problems. Getting through calculation problems efficiently and accurately is key to making sure you finish the exam without leaving blank answer sheets when time's up.

That's where the Exam 7 Cookbook comes in.

The Exam 7 Cookbook has step-by-step solution recipes for how to solve 73 calculation problem-types you're likely to see on exam day. Formulas in each step are also written out in plain English so that you're not confused by the various notation from the different papers. Each recipe also includes a discussion section that gives additional context and "curveballs" to look out for on the exam.

By exam day, you should know the steps of each recipe down pat. When you see those types of calculation problems on the exam, you'll know the steps you need to follow to solve the problem without wasting time figuring out how to get started.

Sample sections from the Exam 7 Cookbook

Exam 7 Problem Pack

The Problem Pack is a great supplement to any study manual to help you see more original practice problems beyond past CAS exam problems. It's got 150 original practice problems and two practice exams to help you get more practice in those last few months of studying without just seeing the same past CAS problems over and over.

The majority of problems are multi-part problems, similar to what you'll see on the exam. Many problems also include a discussion section to add more context to the solution as well as a reference to the relevant recipe from the Exam 7 Cookbook.

Two full-length Practice Exams are included. Each have 26 problems and includes an integrative question.

Sample problems from the Problem Pack


US Orders: The Exam 7 Cookbook is professionally printed & bound as a soft cover manual. The  Problem Pack is professionally printed on three-hole punch paper that you can put in a binder (it comes shrink-wrapped for shipping). Shipping is free in the US & Canada.

Outside US: You have the option to select a digital copy since shipping outside the US/Canada can take longer and is more costly. After you order, I'll send you a follow-up email with instructions to access the material online and you'll be able to download and print the material.

The Cookbook was amazing for drills and making sure I had all the mechanical skills down pat. His practice exam was a wonderful prep for the real thing, comprehensively testing almost every conceivable type of question. In fact, there were several questions on the real exam that I know I crushed because Steve had very similar questions on his problem sets/exam! On exam day I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing on 90% + of the questions, and mostly what I was doing on the other 10%. Most importantly... I passed!
— Nate Yankelev

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