2018 Exam 8 Cookbook


2018 Exam 8 Cookbook

  • 60 step-by-step recipes to solve testable calculation problem-types

  • Original practice problem for each recipe to demonstrate each problem-type

  • Expanded discussion to add clarity to each recipe

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On the exam, you'll see a mix of calculation and essay problems. Getting through calculation problems efficiently and accurately is key to making sure you finish the exam without leaving blank answer sheets when time's up.

That's where the Exam 8 Cookbook comes in.

The Exam 8 Cookbook has step-by-step recipes for how to solve calculation problem-types you're likely to see on exam day. Formulas are also written out in plain English so that you're not confused by the various notation from the different papers. Each recipe also includes a discussion section that gives additional context and "curveballs" to look out for on the exam.

By exam day, you should know the steps of each recipe down pat. When you see those types of calculation problems on the exam, you'll know the steps you need to follow to solve the problem without wasting time figuring out how to get started.


US Orders: The Exam 8 Cookbook is a professionally printed and bound manual. After you order, I'll ship the study material to you.  

International orders outside the US: You'll have the option of selecting a digital-only version since shipping outside the US takes longer and is more costly. After you order, I'll send you a follow-up email with instructions to access the material online and you'll be able to print off a personal copy.

I just wanted to say thank you for the materials you offer. I recently passed exam 8 in the fall and exam 7 to the spring and I know your cookbooks were absolutely the deciding factor after previous unsuccessful attempts. The steps are clear and concise and often explain information that I found very confusing. Plus several questions provide a new way of asking about the material that I just felt really prepared me for the style of questions the CAS asks. I could really tell that you truly care about us through the products you develop.
— Mike Ruggiero

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