Updates for Retaking Customers

If you ordered the Exam 8 Cookbook last year and are retaking the exam, please open and fill out the form below. Since there are a number of changes from last year, I will get you access to the updated 2018 material.

Updates to Rising Fellow Products

The syllabus is unchanged from 2017, but I made a number of updates and improvements to the Exam 8 Cookbook. Below is a list of the changes that you should be aware of:

2018 Exam 8 Cookbook Updates

  • Errata Fixes
  • New Recipes
    • Clark - Recursive Aggregate Distribution
    • Grossi - Loss Diagrams
    • Clark - Casualty XOL Exposure Rating - Umbrella
    • Clark - Casualty XOL Exposure Rating - Workers Comp
    • Fisher - Experience-Modified Expected Loss
  • Significantly Expanded Recipes
    • Clark - Casualty XOL Exposure (Expanded discussion)
    • Clark - Casualty XOL Experience (How to do for Umbrella)
    • Clark - PPR Exposure (Expanded problem and discussion  - Inuring reinsurance)
    • Clark - PPR Experience (Expanded discussion - Free cover and inuring reinsurance)
    • Bahnemann - Risk Load (Expanded problem, showing both methods)
    • Fisher - No-Split Plan (Expanded discussion)
  • Minor Updates
    • Couret & Venter - Multi-Dimensional Credibility (added discussion section on assumptions)
    • Bahnemann - Inflation Effects (added discussion section on limited excess layers)
    • Fisher - Evaluating Rating Plans (Expanded discussion)
    • ISO - Schedule Rating (Expanded discussion)
    • Fisher - Retro Premium (Adjusted problem and expanded discussion)