Past Customer FAQ

Rising Fellow Online Seminar Customers

If you purchased the online seminar last year and are retaking, please open and fill out the form below and you'll get access to the Casual Fellow/Rising Fellow Joint Online Seminar for 2018.

Updates to other Rising Fellow Products

The syllabus is unchanged from 2017, so there were only minor changes to the study material. Most of the updates are fixes to errata. I'd recommend using the 2017 study material and keeping note of the updates below:

Exam 7 Cookbook Updates

Problem Pack Updates

  • Fixed errors documented in the 2017 errata
  • A couple problems in practice exams 1 and 2 were changed to include integrative questions (contact me and I can email you the updated practice exams)
    • Exam 1: Problem 20 redone, problem 21 from the 2017 version was removed
    • Exam 2: Problem 11 redone, problem 12 from the 2017 version was removed

High Level Summary Updates

There were no changes to the high-level summaries from 2017.

Note: If you'd prefer to use the updated version, just email me and I'll send you instructions to access an online copy of the 2018 material.