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The mission of Rising Fellow is to take some of the frustration out of studying for an upper-level CAS exam so that you go into the exam room with confidence and have your best sitting yet. My goal is for you to see your name on the passlist so that you can get back to the rest of life. 

- Steve Roll

Study Material for Upper-Level CAS Exams

Exam 7, 8 and 9 Cookbooks

The Exam 7-9 Cookbooks contain step-by-step recipes to solve CAS calculation problems. These recipes cover all the reasonably testable calculation problem-types with the goal of preparing you to solve problems on the exam without wasting valuable time to “think through” a problem-solving approach. I want you to finish the exam in four hours and not run out of time with blank answer sheets.

Exam 7 and 9 Problem Packs

One of the biggest challenges with preparing for an upper-level CAS exam is that there’s so much material that’s testable, but there aren’t a lot of past CAS problems.  Finding high-quality practice problems that are similar to the style and difficulty of the CAS exams was always a challenge for me when I took the exams and I’m sure it’s a challenge for you.

The practice problem bank of 150 problems with two practice exams for Exam 7 and Exam 9 will help fill that gap and make sure you have enough calculation, essay and “Blooms” practice problems to work.

Learn more about study material for each exam here:

Free Exam Resources

Rising Fellow has some free resources to help you better understand exam-specific topics as well as to improve your studying habits and exam-taking approach. Make sure to check out the list of past CAS problems by paper to see which past problems are off-syllabus and example Excel spreadsheets showing some of the methods.

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About Steve

I started Rising Fellow to create the type of study materials that I wish I had access to when I took the exams. 

I received my FCAS in the Spring of 2014 and have actuarial experience in reserving, pricing, ratemaking and reinsurance. I also have experience as an exam writer on the CAS Exam Committee. 

Steve Roll, FCAS

Steve Roll, FCAS