CAS Exam 7

Prepare for your first fellowship-level exam with confidence using Rising Fellow. Our online course and study materials are created to help you better understand the syllabus material and practice hundreds of problems so that you’re ready on exam day.

2024 CAS Exam 7 Online Course

Get everything you need to prepare for Exam 7. Includes access through the exam with unlimited retakes. Start today with a Free Trial.

Exam 7 Online Course

  • Comprehensive study guide and 18+ hours of video lessons

  • Exam 7 Cookbook with 75+ recipes to calculation problems

  • 500+ practice problems (original and past CAS) in CBT format

  • Two original practice exams in CBT format

  • High-level summaries by paper

  • 450+ flashcards (printable and spaced repetition with Anki)

  • Mobile learning app (iOS / Android)

  • Course forum with support from FCAS instructors

2024 Exam 7 Supplements

If you prefer, you can purchase the stand-alone Exam 7 Cookbook & Problem Pack from the online course to study on your own. Includes access through the exam with one free extension.

Exam 7 Cookbook & Problem Pack

  • 75+ step-by-step recipes to calculation problems
  • Excel CBT version of each recipe
  • Expanded discussion to add clarity
  • 150 original CAS-style practice problems
  • Two original practice exams
  • Extras: Summary of Formulas

Explore Samples From The Online Course

We know you want the best possible study materials, so check out the free samples from the course below or get started today with a free trial to see if it’s right for you.

Benefits of Preparing for Exam 7 with Rising Fellow

Practice More Problems

Rising Fellow’s Exam 7 course offers 500+ practice problems, including original essay/calculation review problems, past CAS problems, and a bank of CAS-style practice problems so you can be as prepared as possible for exam day.

Break Down Problems Step-by-Step

Unique to Rising Fellow, the Exam 7 Cookbook has 75+ step-by-step recipes to show you how to solve calculation problems without wasting valuable exam time. Expanded discussion adds context to help you prepare for those creative CAS problems.

Guide Your Studying

The comprehensive study guide and video lessons help you learn the material along with plenty of worked examples. Video solutions to select problems will help you better understand how to apply syllabus concepts to solve more challenging exam problems.

Get Exam-Day Ready

Prepare for exam day with two original practice exams and past CAS problems from the 2011-2019 exams, all in Excel CBT format. CAS problems include detailed solutions to help you identify your weak points and how to solve exam problems in the CBT format.

Get Responsive Instructor Support

Get your exam questions answered by FCAS instructors on the Exam 7 Online Course discussion forum. See other common exam questions and answers to improve your understanding.

Practice Until You Pass

We get that sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. Don’t worry if you end up unable to take the exam at the sitting you thought you would — Rising Fellow offers unlimited retakes and updates of the online course until you pass.

What Our Students Are Saying

The most time-efficient way to learn the material

Rising Fellow has the best actuarial study materials available. These came highly recommended to me and truly lived up to the high praise they received. I used the Rising Fellow Cookbook to study for Exams 7, 8, and 9. These are the most time-efficient way to learn the material and will make sure you are well prepared on exam day!

I owe a big thanks to Steve and his Rising Fellow product

This was my first attempt at Exam 7. I came out of the exam sitting feeling like I crushed it! I owe a big thanks to Steve and his Rising Fellow product. The question pack of 150 original practice problems and 2 original practice exams was a great resource for me in the last month or two of my studying. Steve also provided a number of “high level summaries” and “cheat sheets” that really helped me reinforce my understanding of different topics.

Perhaps most importantly, Steve was very quick to answer my questions whenever I sent him any. It seemed like he wanted me to pass almost as much as I wanted myself to pass! I highly recommend Rising Fellow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. Start a free trial to see the full course and start studying for the exam. Or, get started with some of our Exam 7 samples.

Yes! The online course includes ALL of our study materials, including the Cookbook & Problem Pack.

The “exam supplements” are parts of the online course that we also sell as standalone products for people that don’t need a full online course.

The Exam 7 Online Course comes with access through the upcoming exam sitting with unlimited retakes until you pass.

Exam 7 supplements come with access through the upcoming exam sitting with one free extension.

Yes! The Exam 7 Online Course includes unlimited retakes to the updated course until you pass. The exam supplements include one free extension. See our Information page to request an extension if you’re retaking the exam.

We update the study materials each year to make improvements and ensure they are up-to-date with the latest CAS exam syllabus. When you purchase or retake the exam, you’ll always have access to the most up-to-date study material.

Yes. If you purchase the course and then find out you didn’t pass the last exam, just send us an email through our Contact page. We will pause your new course subscription until the next sitting that you’re able to take the exam. When you’re ready to sit for the new exam, we’ll un-pause your subscription. Remember, you have unlimited retakes with the full exam online course.

Yes. The study guide, cookbook, summaries, practice problems, and audio lessons are downloadable files (PDFs, Excel workbooks, and audio files) so you can download or print a personal copy to study however and wherever you prefer.

The flashcards are available as digital Anki flashcard decks and downloadable PDFs (both as individual flashcards by paper and a printable front/back version). Anki is one of the best spaced-repetition flashcard platforms available. You can study flashcards through the free desktop app, an online web application or with their iOS or Android apps (the iOS app has a one-time fee).

Rising Fellow has everything you need to pass Exam 7.