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Our online courses are built to help you better learn the source material and how to apply the concepts to solve exam questions. We make sure you get enough practice problems and exams so you feel prepared for your sitting.

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Comprehensive Course Instruction

Learn the material with detailed study guides and video lessons covering the syllabus. Everything is hosted on a modern, easy-to-use learning management system. Our study guides are meticulously crafted to break down complex concepts into digestible sections, ensuring that you grasp the material effectively.

Exclusive Exam Cookbooks

Discover the step-by-step recipes for how to solve calculation problems. Complete with discussion for more context, the Exam Cookbook is the time-saving tool you always wanted. Our Exam Cookbooks are designed to provide clear and concise instructions for tackling various types of calculation problems commonly encountered in the actuarial exams.

Hundreds of CBT problems

Get more practice to prepare for the exam with past CAS exam problems and original practice problems and exams — all in CBT format. Our extensive question bank includes a wide range of real CAS exam problems from previous years, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the format, style, and difficulty level of the actual exams.

Responsive FCAS Instructors

When you get stuck, get your exam questions answered in the online course forum by FCAS instructors who want to see you pass. With the mobile learning app, access your course and course forum anywhere, anytime — on any device.

Benjamin Merrill

The exam cookbook and online course were amazing

“I used Rising Fellow for the last three fellowship exams. I went from passing roughly 50% of the time on prelims, to passing all three fellowship exams in a row. The exam cookbook and online course were amazing. Whenever I talk to fellow actuaries, I always mention how amazing the study material is and that it’s totally worth the investment.”

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