Announcement: Rising Fellow and Casual Fellow Have Merged!

Breaking news! After many years working together as separate businesses, Rising Fellow (“RF”) and Casual Fellow (“CF”) have officially merged! Going forward, we will be operating solely as Rising Fellow.

We are excited to launch the new merger with the Spring 2023 sitting.

Important Details to Consider During This Transition:

We will be offering CAS exam study materials for the following exams:

Exam 6 – Online Course & Study Guide

Exam 7 – Online Course, Cookbook, Problem Pack, Study Guide

Exam 8 – Cookbook, Problem Pack

Exam 9 – Online Course, Cookbook, Problem Pack

New Name For the CF/RF Joint Online Seminars:

The “CF/RF Exam 7 Joint Online Seminar” is now the “Exam 7 Online Course”

The “CF/RF Exam 9 Joint Online Seminar” is now the “Exam 9 Online Course”

Other Transitional Changes:

Some products (ex. Flashcards, High-Level Summaries) will no longer be offered on a stand-alone basis. Instead, they will be included as part of the Online Course for each exam.

If you bought the Exam 7, 8 or 9 Cookbook (and/or Problem Pack) in the past, but not one of the joint online seminars, you’ll need to create a new user login when you purchase something new or if you need to retake the exam.

All products will be available to purchase on November 1 at We will be rolling out a new website soon with more details on each exam. Please look for that!

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us.

It has been great working with students since 2016 to prepare for the CAS exams. Michael and I are looking forward to continuing the journey together as Rising Fellow!

Steve Roll