New, Combined Rising Fellow/Casual Fellow Products

I'm excited to let you know that Michael McPhail (from Casual Fellow) and I are going to be collaborating a bit for Exam 7 this year. 

We are offering a few new seminar options that combine some of the best of the Rising Fellow and Casual Fellow products. Here's what will be available this year:

At Casual Fellow (CF)

- CF Online Seminar with RF Problem Bank/Practice Exams
- CF Live Seminar with RF Problem Bank/Practice Exams

At Rising Fellow (RF)

- RF Online Seminar with CF Study Manual


The new Casual Fellow options will be available the week of December 12th (when the Rising Fellow problem bank/practice exams are ready to ship). The new Rising Fellow option will be available in early January.

We saw that a lot of people were using a combination of our products for the Spring 2016 sitting. Michael and I are excited to work together to create some more complete and comprehensive offerings.

Additional Information


The pricing will be the sum of the prices of the underlying products. The new CF seminar options will cost the price of the online/live CF Seminar plus $297 (the cost of the RF Problem Bank/Exams). 

Exam 7 Cookbook

This year the "Combined Package" (which includes the Exam 7 Cookbook and Practice Problems/Exams) costs $494. So, if you get one of the new CF seminar options, which includes the RF Practice Problems/Exams (which costs the seminar price + $297), you'll be able to get the Exam 7 Cookbook as a supplement at for the difference ($197).

If you have any questions about how the combined study packages will work, please send me an email!