Sample Solutions for Exam 7 - Spring 2016

I just got through working all the 2016 Exam 7 problems to create some sample solutions. It's a lot harder to make yourself sit down and write a CAS exam in your free time after you get your FCAS! Now, don't look at this as an "answer key." Really, it's just the answers I would have put. For a lot of questions, there will be a number of acceptable answers.

Each question has a sample solution and a short discussion of where in the source the problem is from. For calculation problems, I point out what recipe from Exam 7 Cookbook should be used.

Let me know what your thoughts are and if you disagree with any of the solutions!

2016 Exam 7: CAS Exam 7 - 2016 (from the CAS website)

Sample Solutions: CAS Exam 7 - 2016 Sample Solutions