CAS Exam 7 Past Exams

The PDF below shows all of the Exam 7 past CAS problems by paper since the 2011 exam when the exams were restructured. It also shows which problems are no longer on the syllabus, in my opinion.

The “Excluded” problems are problems from off-syllabus papers. Some problems are labeled “Still OK.” Those problems are often from a paper that was replaced with a newer paper. These problems have testable concepts, but they may look odd since they were originally written from a different paper. They’re worth looking at, but an exam problem would on your test would be worded differently.

Exam 7 Past CAS Problems by Paper (Updated for Spring 2023)

Download Exam 7 Past CAS Problems

CAS Exam 7 Past Exams

You can download the PDFs of the examiner’s reports for the past exams from the CAS website Past Exams page. I would download those. The comments in the examiner’s reports are helpful to let you know:

  • Common errors for a problem
  • What solutions received full or partial credit
  • Insights into how a problem was graded

Studying From Past Exam Problems

Our Exam 7 Online Course has the past exams in Excel format to help you prepare for the current CBT exam format.

Preview of Exam 7 Past Problems By Paper PDF

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