CAS Exam 7 Past Exams

Exam 7 – Past CAS Exams

You can download the PDFs of the examiner’s reports for the past exams from the CAS website with the links below. Make sure to download these. The comments in the examiner’s reports are helpful to let you know:

  • Common errors for a problem
  • What solutions received full or partial credit
  • Insights into how a problem was graded

Below are links to the Examiners’ Reports for the 2012-2019 exams:

Source: CAS Past Exams and Pass Marks

Exam 7 Past CAS Problems by Paper

The PDF below shows all of the Exam 7 past CAS problems by paper between 2012 and 2019. It also shows which problems are no longer on the current syllabus, in my opinion. The “Excluded” problems are problems from off-syllabus papers. Print out the PDF and take a look. Hopefully it’ll help once you start working on past CAS problems and practice exams!

Exam 7 Past CAS Problems by Paper

Preview of Exam 7 Past Problems By Paper PDF

CAS Exam 7 – Pass Marks

The pass mark is the number of points needed to pass the exam and is set each sitting by the Examination Committee.

The pass mark (%) is the pass mark as a percentage of the total points on the exam. Between 2011 and 2019, a candidate needed to score better than a 69%-76% on the exam to pass. 

The 95th and 75th percentiles show the score achieved by that percentile of the pool of exam takers for the sitting. It can give you an idea of how well the more-prepared candidates did on the exam.

Total PointsPass MarkPass Mark (%)95th Percentile75th Percentile
Spring 201954.7540.5074.0%84.5%78.3%
Spring 201859.0042.2571.6%82.4%74.6%
Spring 201755.5042.0075.7%87.2%80.9%
Spring 201661.5045.2573.6%83.1%76.8%
Spring 201562.2546.7575.1%84.7%79.5%
Spring 201463.7547.2574.1%85.7%80.4%
Spring 201366.0045.5068.9%79.7%69.3%
Spring 201265.2547.7573.2%87.2%79.7%
Spring 201167.7550.0073.8%74.9%68.6%

Source: CAS Past Exams and Pass Marks

CAS Exam 7 Pass Rates

Exam 7 was a new exam starting in 2011, which is why the 2011-2015 years had a slow ramp up in number of test-takers. As you can see, Exam 7 pass rates have fluctuated between 40-60%.

CAS Exam 7 pass statistics by year

The CAS Exam 7 Pass Rates page shows more detailed historical pass rates and pass statistics for Exam 7 since 2011.

Studying From Past Exam Problems

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