CAS Exam MAS 1 Past Exams

Exam MAS 1 – Past CAS Exams

You can download the PDFs of the past exams from the CAS website with the links below. Make sure to download these. The solution key is at the end of each exam.

Below are links to the past CAS exams for 2018-2019:

Source: CAS Past Exams and Pass Marks

CAS Exam MAS 1 – Pass Marks

The pass mark is the number of points needed to pass the exam and is set each sitting by the Examination Committee.

The pass mark (%) is the pass mark as a percentage of the total points on the exam. Between 2018 and 2019, a candidate needed to score better than a 56%-59% on the exam to pass. 

The 95th and 75th percentiles show the score achieved by that percentile of the pool of exam takers for the sitting. It can give you an idea of how well the more-prepared candidates did on the exam.

Total PointsPass MarkPass Mark (%)95th Percentile75th Percentile
Fall 20199050.5056.1%77.2%63.3%
Spring 20199051.5057.2%73.3%60.0%
Fall 20189053.0058.9%77.8%61.1%
Spring 20189053.0058.9%80.0%66.7%

Source: CAS Past Exams and Pass Marks

CAS Exam MAS 1 Pass Rates

CAS Exam MAS 1 pass statistics by year

The CAS Exam MAS 1 Pass Rates page shows more detail about historical pass rates for Exam MAS 1 since 2018.

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