Syllabus Reading List – Exam 7

If you’re starting to study for Exam 7, you’re probably wondering which paper to start with first. The order in the syllabus is always a good starting point.

To help you out, I put together a suggested reading order for the Exam 7 papers. You can use it to plan out your studying through the syllabus. 

I made a few switches from the syllabus order so that the order of the concepts is appropriate and to place the more approachable papers of a section first. In a few cases, I placed the calculation-heavy papers earlier because I find it’s better to study the essay-question papers later to avoid forgetting all the details by the time of the exam.

For each section of the syllabus, I break down the source papers and each paper’s approximate syllabus weight, number of pages, difficulty-level and a gauge of whether the paper is geared more towards calculation-type problems or essay-type problems.

CAS Exam 7 Reading List (Spring 2023)

Download the Exam 7 Reading List

Syllabus Weight

The syllabus weight is the approximate weight percentage for the exam. Obviously, papers with a higher weight deserve more attention when you’re studying.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty level is based on how difficult the paper is to read as well as how difficult the concepts are.

Problem Type Indicator

This is a rough measure of whether calculation or essay questions are more likely to appear on the exam for a given paper. I based this on the exam problems since 2011 as well as the syllabus learning objectives. Don’t take this too literally, but it should give you an idea of where to focus as you read.

Exam 7 Reading List