I wrote the original version of the Exam 7 Cookbook to help me systematically solve calculation problems on exam day. Studying with it, in addition to my regular study material, helped me pass Exam 7 in 2013 on my first sitting. It was so helpful that I created similar “Cookbooks” for myself for Exams 8 and 9, which I also passed on the first sittings to get my FCAS.

I created Rising Fellow to build out and expand that original study material to help other actuaries pass their upper-level exams to get their FCAS. I'm always excited to hear from other actuaries about how Rising Fellow has helped them prepare for and pass their exam! 

I found your study material (the cookbook, flashcards, and practice problems) to be the highest quality I’ve ever used. I also appreciated all your thoughtful responses to questions I sent you. Your dedication to preparing people for Exam 7 is awesome and unmatched. Thank you.
— Sean Fakete
This was my first attempt at Exam 7. I came out of the exam sitting feeling like I crushed it! I owe a big thanks to Steve and his Rising Fellow product. The question pack of 150 original practice problems and 2 original practice exams was a great resource for me in the last month or two of my studying. Steve also provided a number of “high level summaries” and “cheat sheets” that really helped me reinforce my understanding of different topics.

Perhaps most importantly, Steve was very quick to answer my questions whenever I sent him any. It seemed like he wanted me to pass almost as much as I wanted myself to pass! I highly recommend Rising Fellow. Thanks Steve!
— Chris Wunderlich
I gotta say: you rock, man! You’ve truly developed an inspirational study program. Just yesterday, I saw my candidate number on the pass list, making me a Fellow. Your study materials played a large part in that achievement. I can’t thank you enough.
— Eric Blancke
I just wanted to say thank you for the materials you offer. I recently passed exam 8 in the fall and exam 7 to the spring and I know your cookbooks were absolutely the deciding factor after previous unsuccessful attempts. The steps are clear and concise and often explain information that I found very confusing. Plus several questions provide a new way of asking about the material that I just felt really prepared me for the style of questions the CAS asks. I could really tell that you truly care about us through the products you develop.
— Mike Ruggiero
I passed Exam 7 on my first attempt and likely would not have without Rising Fellow. The practice problems and practice exam were the best out there for preparing for this exam. I also appreciated your prompt response to email questions. Thanks!
— Klaus Schultz
I want to sincerely thank you for the cookbook and questions that you have prepared. It has really helped to reiterate many of the key concepts and strengthen the processes of solving exam-style questions!
— Jing Yean
The Cookbook was amazing for drills and making sure I had all the mechanical skills down pat. His practice exam was a wonderful prep for the real thing, comprehensively testing almost every conceivable type of question. In fact, there were several questions on the real exam that I know I crushed because Steve had very similar questions on his problem sets/exam! On exam day I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing on 90% + of the questions, and mostly what I was doing on the other 10%. Most importantly... I passed!
— Nate Yankelev
I recently purchased the Cookbook for the Spring 2016 sitting of exam 7. I was very impressed with the product overall. The recipes have a very clean look that is easy to follow along. It helps you prepare in less time but it is not a “shortcut”. It doesn’t just go over the main topics or otherwise cut corners on material. Rather, it goes through every testable math problem in an efficient and intuitive manner.

Exam 7, perhaps more than any upper level CAS exam, has a number of problems that aren’t necessarily extremely difficult, but there are a lot of steps. The cookbook makes those steps appear highly logical so it is less of a strain to memorize everything. I understood how the different pieces and inputs fit together so I was better prepared for the curveball questions in what was a tougher than usual sitting for this exam.

Steve is also very helpful and available to the students. He thinks about the exam like a test-taker, which makes all his material very approachable. Anyone sitting for exam 7 would be foolish not to purchase The Cookbook.
— Matt Fredette
As far as the cookbook - you covered everything and in a way that makes it easier to understand. The formulas in general wording and not the author’s notations made it easier to memorize and replicate. The practice problems and exam contained enough variations to really grill down the topics for each reading.

For the last two weeks prior to the exam, I concentrated on your cookbook - going over it multiple times to make sure I understood everything.

I felt your cookbook and practice problems covered the material well and was an excellent supplement to have - one that I will definitely recommend to everyone.
— Saleh Lalani
I think the Cookbook is a great addition to a study guide to help me prepare for an exam. The detailed steps and solutions definitely help when studying.
— Vincent