TI-30XS MultiView Tutorials and Residual Calculations Cheat Sheet

I put up a few new resources on the Resources Page:

TI-30XS MultiView Tutorials

Knowing how to work your calculator efficiently and effectively is key to doing well on the exam. You can save a lot of time if you know how to work some of the more advanced features, such as 2-Var Statistics and List Formulas.

To help you learn some of these features, I put together a few calculator tutorials. Check them out!

Residual Calculations Cheat Sheet

For Exam 7, the Clark, Mack (1994) and Shapland papers all have differences in how they calculate residuals. Since it's tricky to keep the differences straight, I put together a cheat sheet that you can print out as a reference.

Here's a direct link: Residual Calculations Cheat Sheet

I hope those resources help you out. We're almost into April, so keep up the studying!