CAS Exam 5 Excel Workbooks

If you’re just getting started with Exam 5, we have a number of free Excel workbooks and resources help you study more efficiently.

Workbooks for the Exam 5 Case Studies

The Werner Ratemaking and Friedland Reserving textbooks have numerous case studies and appendices. We went through the work of putting all the exhibits into Excel and adding formulas so that you can see how the ratemaking and reserving methods are applied to the case studies.

Below is a breakdown of all the Excel workbooks you can download for free. Just fill out the form below.

Werner Ratemaking

  • Appendix A – Auto Indication (sample download)
  • Appendix B – Homeowners Indication
  • Appendix C – Medical Malpractice Indication
  • Appendix D – Workers Compensation Indication
  • Appendix E – Univariate Classification Example

Friedland Reserving

  • Chapter 7 – Development
  • Chapter 8 – Expected Claims
  • Chapter 9 – Bornhuetter-Ferguson
  • Chapter 10 – Cape Cod
  • Chapter 11 – Frequency-Severity
  • Chapter 12 – Case Outstanding Dev.
  • Chapter 13 – Berquist-Sherman
  • Chapter 14 – Recoveries: Sal/Sub & Reinsurance
  • Chapter 15 – Evaluation of Techniques
  • Chapter 16 – Estimating ALAE
  • Chapter 17 – Estimating ULAE

Fill out the form below to get the Excel exhibits. We think you’ll find these exhibits helpful as you study for the exam!

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