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Rising Fellow Exam 9 Supplements

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Exam 9 Cookbook
  • Step-by-step recipes to solve testable calculation problem-types

  • Original practice problem for each recipe to demonstrate each problem-type

  • Expanded discussion to add clarity to each recipe

Exam 9 Cookbook Excerpt


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Exam 9 Problem Pack 2019.jpg
Exam 9 Problem Pack
  • Over 150 original Practice Problems written to be similar to CAS-style problems

  • 2 full-length Practice Exams including integrative questions

    • Practice exams will be delivered digitally at the end of March


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Exam 9 Cookbook + Problem Pack

The most popular option

This is a great complement to the syllabus and other Exam 9 study material you may be using.

Save $97 by purchasing the Exam 9 Cookbook and Problem Pack together.


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General FAQ

If I fail the exam or am unable to take the exam this sitting, Can I get an updated copy for the following sitting?

Supplemental Products - The supplemental study materials won't change significantly year-to-year unless there are significant syllabus changes. If there are changes to the syllabus or study material, I will send you a digital version of the updated/new sections of the study material.

What is the Timeline for Release?

Exam 9 Problem Pack:

  • Practice Exams: These will be delivered digitally the week of March 18th

Are the study materials printed or digital?

The Exam 9 Cookbook and Problem Pack are professionally printed and will be shipped to you. The Practice Exams will be delivered digitally later.

The Exam 9 Cookbook is a bound manual and the practice problems are on three-hole punch paper that you can put in a binder (they come shrink-wrapped for shipping).

International orders outside the US:  You'll have the option of selecting a digital copy since shipping outside the US can take longer and is more costly. After you order, I'll send you a follow-up email with instructions to access the material online and you'll be able to download and print the material.


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