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Rising Fellow Exam 9 Supplements

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Exam 9 Cookbook
  • Step-by-step recipes to solve testable calculation problem-types

  • Original practice problem for each recipe to demonstrate each problem-type

  • Expanded discussion to add clarity to each recipe

Exam 9 Cookbook Excerpt


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Exam 9 Problem Pack 2019.jpg
Exam 9 Problem Pack [Pre-Order]
  • Over 150 original Practice Problems written to be similar to CAS-style problems

    • Ships out the Week of February 18th

  • 2 full-length Practice Exams including integrative questions

    • Delivered digitally the Week of March 18th


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Exam 9 Cookbook + Problem Pack

The most popular option

This is a great complement to the syllabus and other Exam 9 study material you may be using.

Save $97 by purchasing the Exam 9 Cookbook and Problem Pack together.


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General FAQ

If I fail the exam or am unable to take the exam this sitting, Can I get an updated copy for the following sitting?

Supplemental Products - The supplemental study materials won't change significantly year-to-year unless there are significant syllabus changes. If there are changes to the syllabus or study material, I will send you a digital version of the updated/new sections of the study material.

What is the Timeline for Release?

Exam 9 Cookbook - Will start shipping out the week of January 14th.

Exam 9 Problem Pack:

  • Problem Pank: I plan to ship these out the week of February 18th

  • Practice Exams: These will be delivered digitally the week of March 18th

Are the study materials printed or digital?

The Exam 9 Cookbook and Problem Pack are professionally printed and will be shipped to you. The Practice Exams will be delivered digitally later.

The Exam 9 Cookbook is a bound manual and the practice problems are on three-hole punch paper that you can put in a binder (they come shrink-wrapped for shipping).

International orders outside the US:  You'll have the option of selecting a digital copy since shipping outside the US can take longer and is more costly. After you order, I'll send you a follow-up email with instructions to access the material online and you'll be able to download and print the material.


All orders to the US and Canada come with free shipping. There is a $30 international shipping fee for orders outside the US and Canada. You can see the full shipping policy here. Note: Goods imported may be subject to VAT/GST, which is the responsibility of the customer.