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Spring 2020: The planned timeline of the supplemental Exam 7 study material is mid-December after fall exam results.

If you’d like to check out an excerpt of the Exam 7 Cookbook from 2019 and receive an update for when the 2020 Exam 7 study material is available, please join the Exam 7 Waitlist below:

Joint Exam 7 Online Seminar

The Casual Fellow/Rising Fellow Online Seminar contains all the study material from Casual Fellow and Rising Fellow.


Purchase the seminar on the Joint Casual Fellow/Rising Fellow Online Seminar website below. There you’ll also be able to see a full description and check out a free preview version.

Rising Fellow Exam 7 Supplements

Exam 7 Problem Pack (2019)
  • Over 150 original Practice Problems written to be similar to CAS-style problems

  • 2 full-length Practice Exams including integrative questions (26 questions in each)

Sample problems from the Problem Pack


Exam 7 Cookbook (2019)
  • 76 step-by-step recipes to solve testable calculation problem-types

  • Original practice problem for each recipe to demonstrate each problem-type

  • Expanded discussion to add clarity to each recipe

Exam 7 Cookbook Excerpt


Exam 7 Cookbook + Problem Pack (2019)

The most popular option

This is a great complement to the syllabus and other Exam 7 study material you may be using.

Save $97 by purchasing the Exam 7 Cookbook and Problem Pack together.


Exam 7 High Level Summaries & Flashcards - Digital (2019)
  • Flashcard deck of over 450 cards to memorize key formulas, lists and details (PDFs and Anki deck)


Looking for a complete study package but don't want videos?

Purchase the Summaries/Flashcards along with the Exam 7 Cookbook & Problem Pack.

60-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I completely stand by my products. I started Rising Fellow to create the study materials I wish I had access to when I took the exams. If you don't love the Rising Fellow study material you purchase, just email me within 60 days of purchase and I will send you a 100% refund.

What others are saying about Rising Fellow

The Cookbook makes [the] steps appear highly logical so it is less of a strain to memorize everything. I understood how the different pieces and inputs fit together so I was better prepared for the curveball questions in what was a tougher than usual sitting for this exam.”
— Matt Fredette
I felt your cookbook and practice problems covered the material well and was an excellent supplement to have - one that I will definitely recommend to everyone.
— Saleh Lalani
I passed Exam 7 on my first attempt and likely would not have without Rising Fellow. The practice problems and practice exam were the best out there for preparing for this exam. I also appreciated your prompt response to email questions. Thanks!
— Klaus Schultz
I recently passed exam 8 in the fall and exam 7 to the spring and I know your cookbooks were absolutely the deciding factor after previous unsuccessful attempts. The steps are clear and concise and often explain information that I found very confusing.
— Mike Ruggiero

General FAQ

I USED RISING FELLOW FOR THE 2018 EXAM AND AM RETAKING EXAM 7. Are there updates from last year's study material?

The 2019 edition has new sections for the Taylor paper as well as some minor changes and fixes from the 2018 errata.

If you purchased an Exam 7 product last year and are retaking, you can request the new sections and see a list of the changes from last-year's edition here on the customer updates page.

If I fail the exam or am unable to take the exam this sitting, Can I get an updated copy for the following sitting?

Supplemental Products - The supplemental study materials won't change significantly year-to-year unless there are significant syllabus changes. If there are changes to the syllabus or study material, I will send you a digital version of the updated/new sections of the study material.

CF/RF Joint Online Seminar - If you fail or need to retake, you'll be able to get access to the online seminar for one additional sitting for no extra charge.

Are the study materials printed or digital?

The Exam 7 Cookbook and Problem Pack are professionally printed and will be shipped to you. The Exam 7 Cookbook is a bound manual and the practice problems and practice exams are on three-hole punch paper that you can put in a binder (they come shrink-wrapped for shipping).

International orders outside the US:  You'll have the option of selecting a digital copy since shipping outside the US can take longer and is more costly. After you order, I'll send you a follow-up email with instructions to access the material online and you'll be able to download and print the material.


All orders to the US come with free shipping. There is a $25 international shipping fee for orders to Canada and $30 for other countries. You can see the full shipping policy here. Note: Goods imported may be subject to VAT/GST, which is the responsibility of the customer.