Exam 7 Joint Online Seminar with Casual Fellow

For the 2018 sitting, Michael McPhail (Casual Fellow) and I (Rising Fellow) are teaming up to jointly offer an online seminar for Exam 7.

We're excited about this joint offering and believe together our study material will make for a great, comprehensive online seminar to help you prepare for Exam 7.

The online seminar will contain the following study material from Casual Fellow (CF) and Rising Fellow (RF):

  • CF Study Guide (paper outlines, practice problems and past CAS problems)
  • CF Online Videos (both paper review and problem review videos)
  • RF Cookbook
  • RF Practice Problem Bank
  • RF High-Level Summaries
  • RF Flashcards (new for 2018)
  • CF & RF Practice Exams (2 each, 4 in total)

All of the study material will be digitally available on a learning management system and you'll have the option of also getting a physical copy of the Rising Fellow study material that will be professionally printed.

We plan on having the 2017 study material up and ready to go by the end of October for those who like to start early, with the completed 2018 versions available the first week of January. The joint online seminar will be sold through the Casual Fellow website.

Those who don't pass and need to retake will get the updated material for the following sitting at no extra charge. If you used the Casual Fellow or Rising Fellow seminar for the first time in 2017, you'll get access to the joint seminar for 2018.

Please let Michael or I know if you have any questions.

In the coming weeks we'll have more details and information on our websites, so stay tuned.